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Mera Peak Climbing in Nepal!

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Due to its comparative ease, excellent views and the topographic variety, the Mera Peak Climbing has established itself as a very popular trekking destination for trekkers all around the world. Situated between the Hinku and the Hongu Valleys, the Everest lies to the north of the Mera Peak and the village of Lukla lies to its south. The top of the peak offers spectacular views of the Everest, Makalu, Cho Oyu, Kanchenjunga as well as the Lhotse peaks. Standing at an altitude of 6654 m, the only concern upon climbing the peak is the need for proper acclimatization to prevent any kind of altitude sickness.

The trekking trial to the climb upon the Mera Peak is situated in the Khumbu region of Nepal and commences with a flight to Lukla. Amidst beautiful valleys, glaciers, raw wilderness and mind boggling scenery, the trail pass through Chutok, Pangkongma and to Kurke. The viallges of Thuli Kharkha, Tasisingma, Thangnak and Khahare come next. From Khahare, the trail gains elevation upto the Mera Base Camp. Out of the three summits of the Mera Peak, south and north summits are comparatively easy to climb while the other hard one moves into the Everest Base Camp. The Base Camp of the corresponding summit to climb is chosen and a day is spent there in a camp, to acclimatize with the altitude. The next day’s trek is destined to reach the Mera High Camp whereby further rest is mandatory for proper acclimatization. The third day requires a trek to the top of the Mera Peak, the excellent viewpoint for exquisite views of the aforementioned, snow capped, pristine peaks all around it. The same path can be retraced to end the trek or the itinerary can be modified to visit the Hunku Nup Lake, Nare Glacier or the Chamlang Base Camp as desired.

The Khumbu region, being home to various ethnic populations residing with perfect harmony, offers a chance to get an insight on their way of living. The entire trek up to the Mera Peak Climbing thus is full of geographical, natural, scenic, cultural and religious diversity and requires normal health conditions to complete.
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Trekking in Nepal.

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